What’s Included in Dental Insurance for Self Employed People

For those that need dental insurance for self employed may cost only pennies per day. It is well worth the investment regardless of your current dental health, because it will save you money in the long run. Here you will learn about what some of the plans have to offer.

Most plans cover basic annual exams including X-rays. You are usually required to visit a participating dentist, although there are a few plans that allow you to visit any dentist.

It is a good idea to tell the receptionist what kind of policy you have when you schedule the appointment. Most receptionists will ask. Your policy may allow for reimbursement if the dentist’s office will not bill them directly.

Fillings and extractions are typically covered up to a certain amount. Cosmetic procedures such as braces or whitening are usually not covered.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) are like HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations). With a PPO plan, you pay a small co-pay when you visit a participating dentist. If you visit a dentist outside of the PPO, you are responsible for the entire bill.

Dental insurance for self employed people is not usually the PPO type. That type of plan is usually set up with employers. If you have a small business, you may be able to set up the program for yourself and your employees. PPOs are available for small businesses with as few as 5 employees.

Many insurers break down the coverage offered into three categories; preventative, restorative and major. Preventative plans cover things like fluoride treatments and routine cleanings, as well as the X-rays and exams mentioned above.

Restorative plans cover more serious procedures like root canals. Major plans cover things like bridges and partials. You may be allowed to choose which type or types of coverage you would like to have.

Preventative plans are usually the least expensive, although the cost varies from one provider to another, even when the coverage provided is identical. Doing some comparative shopping could save you money. The internet makes that easy to do.

At one time, not many companies offered dental insurance for self employed persons. Delta was one of the first. Now, there are many different companies to choose from. The insurer providing your basic health coverage might have a preventative plan. Surgical extractions and some emergency procedures are covered by major medical plans.

Insurers may not cover existing conditions, such as missing teeth. It’s a good idea to read all of the clauses in the policy before you sign up for dental insurance for self employed people , but be sure to sign up soon.

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