Options for Girls with Braces

If you are worried about being one of the girls with braces, there is no need to worry. Today we have many options for teeth straightening. Some are practically invisible.

Although the stainless steel brackets and wire arches are still the most widely used choices, more cosmetically appealing options have been developed over the years. The first example is the lingual type.

A lingual brace fits behind the teeth, which means they are not visible even when a person smiles. The drawbacks are that they are more difficult to adjust and can interfere with the movement of the tongue.

For minor misalignments and to gradually move the teeth over time, clear plastic aligners are an alternative. The aligners can be removed and reinserted by the patient. They are more comfortable than the traditional designs.

There are two drawbacks to the invisible aligners. First, they take longer to work. Second, it is usually necessary to purchase additional trays to complete the straightening process.

Another alternative is cosmetically pleasing, but works as quickly as the traditional brackets. In this design, the brackets are composed of a ceramic material that resembles the color of the person’s natural teeth.

The ceramic brackets cost more and are more easily damaged. But, if you are worried about being one of the girls with braces, you might like this choice. With clear elastic or white metal ties, the cosmetic effect is complete. No silver metal shows at all.

The only disadvantage to the clear ties is that they become brittle and can be more difficult to remove. The final office visit might last a little longer as a result.

Another alternative is a more unique approach. Rather than trying to hide the dental appliances, you can draw even more attention to them. Why be ashamed of something that you are doing to improve your health and appearance? Some guys like girls with braces.

To draw more attention to your mouth and teeth, you can choose brackets in a variety of colors. Pinks, purples, blues and other shades are available.

Gold brackets are also available. They were originally developed for people with nickel allergies. Nickel is a component of stainless steel. But, some people find them more attractive than the silver colored brackets. So, there is a cosmetic benefit as well.

In addition to gold and colored brackets, plastic covers can be purchased for as little as $5 each. A wide variety of letters and shapes are available, too. So, girls with braces can express themselves while improving their future smiles.