Preventing and Treating a Gum Infection

Now when it comes to Gum infection, whether minor, temporary virus or in the event of an injury, the more serious issues of gum disease and gingivitis, are common problems for many people and must be dealt with in a responsible and methodical fashion.

Relieves pain associated with tooth and gum abscesses, also promotes oral health.

The health of your teeth depends on the health of your gums. Failure in gum care can lead to tooth loss, infections that can extend down into the bone of the jaw, and even blood poisoning. Do not neglect a gum infection if you have contracted one.

If the infection is severe the first thing you should do is make an appointment with your dentist. He is in a position to prescribe antibiotics to reduce the damage caused by swelling and infection, to recommend toothpastes that address the bacteria causing the infection, and to determine how and when such deep tooth scaling to remove calcified plaque can best be done.

In many cases a dentist will choose not to pursue such an aggressive course of action until the major swelling of the superficial infection has been brought under control, however.

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Minor infections, caused by injuries, or which are secondary effects of other infections such as thrush, can be dealt with at home through good dental hygiene practices. To prevent such gum infection change your toothbrush regularly, clean and sanitize it using hydrogen peroxide on a daily basis after use, and allow it to air dry between uses.

Flossing and scraping the tongue also reduce the number of bacteria likely to colonize the gums. After brushing and flossing use an antibacterial mouth wash or a mild hydrogen peroxide rinse: hydrogen peroxide is one of the most useful methods of maintaining good oral health.

Do not use too hard a brush, or brush too vigorously. While it is vital to remove plaque, bacteria, and old food, any damage you cause by abrading your gums offers bacteria an ideal site to take up residence.

See your dental hygienist regularly for scheduled cleaning and scaling. Keeping polished, clean teeth makes a hostile environment for germs to set up housekeeping.

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Remember, your teeth depend on the health of your gums, and your gums depend on your care and maintenance. More teeth are lost to problems that started with gum infection than most people ever realize.

So follow the recommendations of your dentist, maintain great daily dental hygiene, and smile: you are taking good care of your mouth.