Shopping for Affordable Dentures

Shopping around for affordable dentures is a good idea, but you might not want to choose the lowest price. Much of the cost is related to fitting and time spent by the dentist.


Improper fitting will result in discomfort. You want to make sure your dental professional takes the appropriate amount of time. Prices do vary greatly from one office to the next. Where you live is another factor. It might be worth your while to travel out of town, if you can get a lower price. Usually, prices are higher in areas where the overall cost of living is higher.

Two or three visits are the typical minimum requirement. In some cases, the dental lab is on site, which means you can get the fitting and the complete set on the same day.

If you have dental insurance, it should cover a large portion of the price. You can check your policy or with your insurance provider. Office personnel can usually tell you what your co-pay will be if it is a popular plan. If you do not have dental insurance, you can expect to pay at least $800 for a full set. Some offices charge more for partials. Others charge less.

One person’s definition of Inexpensive dentures could be different from another’s. If you cannot afford the full price, regardless of what that might be, many offices have payment plans. In addition to the private plans, there are companies like Care Credit. Care Credit is a credit card with a low interest rate. When the total amount is paid off within a specific period of time, no interest is charged. The card can only be used for medical expenses, although most veterinarian offices accept the card, too.

For those who are in need, there are charities, discount programs and even government grants. If you cannot seem to find affordable dentures, you might check those resources. Your local dentist may have other suggestions. The materials used in a modern denture are not that expensive.


Polymers and acrylics are used to create the look of natural teeth. You may be surprised at how low the prices actually are in your area. Most offices offer a variety of discounts for patients without insurance. Students and senior citizens usually get a discount. Some offices also offer courtesy discounts for other professionals.

You would probably agree that affordable dentures do not cost thousands of dollars.
 But in some areas, that is the going rate. To get the best price, you may need to shop around.