Old and New Toothache Remedies


Here you will learn about the toothache remedies old and new. It is usually a minor problem, but pain in the teeth can be a symptom of something more serious.

Infection, inflammation and injury are the most common causes. The immune system can usually fight off a minor infection. Inflammation or swelling is actually a symptom of infection or injury. It is a normal function of the immune system, even though it is accompanied by pain.


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Toothache Remedies

Any anti-inflammatory will help to relieve the pain by reducing the inflammation. There are natural anti-inflammatories. Many over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin and Tylenol work by reducing inflammation.

In rare cases, toothaches are a symptom of heart disease. Doctors call this referred pain, because the teeth are actually healthy. It is the same phenomena as that which occurs during a heart attack. Pain is sometimes felt in the neck or shoulders, instead of the chest. The reason for it is still unknown.

A recent extraction can lead to a condition called dry socket, which is very painful. Diseases of the gums, jaws or other parts of the mouth could be the cause if the aches are chronic, occurring on a frequent basis.


There are no nerve endings in the teeth. So, while we call them toothache remedies, it is not actually pain in the tooth. The roots or the pulp surrounding them may be painful. An exposed root causes severe pain.

Babies and children experience pain when they are teething as the calcified structures break through the surface of the sensitive gums. Teenagers and adults experience gum pain as the wisdom teeth come in. The vast majority of wisdom teeth must eventually be removed to take care of the problem.

A few people have a unique problem called barodontalgia. They experience pain in their teeth and gums in response to changes in barometric pressure. For unknown reasons, some people have dull aches and pains in the teeth and gums that seem to move from one area of the mouth to another. Over a period of months or years, the location of the ache changes. The only treatments for the condition are the common toothache remedies listed here.

Remedies Old and New

Natural anti-inflammatories include olive leaf extract, turmeric, bay berry and willow tree bark. The natural anti-inflammatories should not cause the undesirable effects associated with prescription and non-prescription drugs. They can be purchased in supplement form or from an herbalist. There are many natural pain relievers.

A warm compress or an ice pack can be used to relieve pain. The icepack would also reduce swelling. Alternating the two could be the best choice.

Taking a fish oil supplement could help with chronic aches and pains associated with inflammation. Scientists have found that the supplements have natural anti-inflammatory activity and are good for your health in other ways.

Chewing on pieces of onion or potato is among the oldest toothache remedies. Although there is no proof they help, they can’t hurt.

If you’re just trying to get some sleep, heat up an unused tea bag and put it on the affected area. Just try not to swallow the tea. The warmth of the tea and the soothing properties of the leaves will help to relieve the pain, but the caffeine could keep you awake.

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