Denture Adhesive Could Become a Thing of the Past


Denture adhesive is not always necessary if the dentures are fitted properly. Improvements in measuring, fitting and materials have made it possible for some dentures to stay firmly in place without the use of adhesives, but there are exceptions.

During the first days after receiving a new set of dentures, adhesives may be used as a training tool. Patients may eventually be able to hold their new teeth in place without the sticky substance. But during the first week or so, the adhesives may help with confidence and possibly comfort.

The patient’s jaw ridges may vary in height, width or volume. Bone loss due to age, osteoporosis or general deterioration may make it impossible for dentures to fit tightly without the use of adhesives.

The amount of saliva produced and the thickness of the fluid can cause the need to use adhesives on a regular basis. Dry mouth caused by health problems, certain drugs or heredity will make it necessary to use a dental adhesive . Saliva is one of the things that help to hold dentures in place.

For poorly fitted or loose dentures, it may be necessary to use adhesives on a temporary basis; that is until the dentures can be repaired or replaced.

If you do find the use of adhesives is necessary, creams are the most common type. It is important to look for a brand that does not include zinc. Some people have suffered from nerve damage as a result of zinc poisoning.

In addition to the creams, there are some new options. For example, 3M has developed a new bond that may be easier to use and less messy. Currently, the company is offering a free sample. Your dentist may also have samples.

Another option is the “thermoplastic” denture adhesive. According to the manufacturer, the grips hold for four days. The problem with this is that dentists recommend removing the dentures to remove food particles that can become lodged under them. The grips might make it impossible to do that. Since the price is much higher than that of a tube of cream, the grips might not be your best choice.

For lower dentures, there are implants that your dentist can install to hold the teeth in place. The tiny implants pop into the lower teeth and hold them securely in place. Currently, there is no similar option for the uppers, but that may be just around the corner.

So, denture adhesive could truly become a thing of the past.