Tonsil Stones! Annoying Problem with an Easy Fix

Tonsillolith Creates Bad Breath Lets Rid This.

Tonsil stones are small, calcified deposits that can form in the pockets around the tonsils. They are not a cause for alarm, as they are a natural byproduct of diet, nasal congestion and bacterial buildup. Most people will experience them from time to time. While they are not dangerous, they can be annoying and may cause halitosis, or bad breath. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to cure.


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The tonsils have small, open pockets around them called crypts. As we eat, food particles may get trapped in these crypts. Occasionally, postnasal drip will result in mucus from the nose settling there. Other oral bacteria can also build up, along with dead white blood cells. All of this results in the formation of hard little stone-like bits called tonsillolith.

While tonsil stones can be irritating and may result in a sore throat, they are not immediately dangerous. In most cases, they can be prevented or removed using simple self-help measures. The best advice in terms of preventing them is to limit your intake of dairy products, as dairy foods cause increased mucus production.

You can also help to prevent them by avoiding eating just before bed. Since food particles left in your mouth after you eat will have nowhere to go, they tend to accumulate in areas where they shouldn’t such as those tempting pockets around the tonsils. Rinsing every day with mouthwash or even warm salt water can also go a long way toward preventing bacterial buildup.

So what do you if you do develop a pesky tonsillolith? Don’t panic, getting rid of them is easier than you think. You can begin by rinsing with warm salt water. This may naturally dislodge the stone at which point you can spit it out. If this doesn’t work, you can try gently removing the stone with a cotton swab. This may be difficult for those with a bad gag reflex, but it usually does the trick.

If a swab won’t work or is too uncomfortable for you, you can also try using a Waterpik/Oral Irrigator. The focused stream of water can often work to dislodge the stone. If you don’t have any success with self-help measures, you can ask your doctor to remove the stone for you. It should be a fairly quick and easy procedure in most cases.

The only way to completely prevent the formation of tonsil stones is to remove the tonsils themselves. A tonsillectomy is a relatively routine surgical procedure and has given many people relief. Remember that stones are a perfectly natural occurrence and should not be cause for concern unless they begin appearing every day or cause severe sore throat. This is when a tonsillectomy may be recommended.

Tonsil stones are an unfortunate part of life for most of us but you don’t have to live with them. Simple changes to your diet and improved oral hygiene can keep your mouth clean, healthy and free of any unsightly or foul smelling buildup. Take care of your mouth and your whole body will feel better!