All About Same Day Dentures
Do You Need Immediate Dentures?


Things to consider with same day dentures, they are available from numerous providers around the country. The idea came into being out of necessity.

Prior to the 1970’s, all false teeth had to be ordered. The dentist or oral surgeon would take an impression of the gums after all the teeth had been removed and the area had healed.

The impression was sent to a lab. The lab created the new teeth using a molded rubber for the plate and porcelain for the teeth. The set was then mailed to the dentist or to the patient.

Finding someone that provided fittings was difficult in rural areas. Patients often had to travel great distances to be fit and make the same trip again to pick them up. Patients were left without the ability to chew for weeks at a time. They had to take time off from work to have the fittings done and to pick up their new teeth.

Those that were sent by mail were usually unsatisfactory. Those that were picked up at the office were not much better.

Fitting errors often resulted in return trips. Most adjustments could not be made in the office. It was all very frustrating for the patient and for the dental care provider.

In the late 1970s, the idea of dentures on the same day became a reality. Several dentists joined together to provide affordable teeth quickly.

In order to do that, they had to have on-site laboratories. They knew their costs would be higher. But, by creating a group, they planned to share the costs and spread them out over time. That way the first patients did not have to pay excessive fees. Their plan worked.

Now, there are many dental practitioners with on-site laboratories. Impressions are taken and the new teeth are created in a matter of hours. Errors can be corrected and adjustments can be made while the patient is in the office.

One of the things that helped to make same day dentures possible was switching from porcelain teeth to plastic polymers. The teeth are just as strong. They still look natural and they are much lighter weight. So, they stay in place easier.

Having a fitting done immediately after the removal of your teeth is possible, but several trips will be necessary to get them right, because of the swelling present immediately following the extractions. You can still get same day dentures following an extraction. But, follow-up visits are necessary.

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