Cleaning Dentures Properly & Effectively

When cleaning dentures over half of American adults over 55 have some form of denture prosthetic…and so are faced with a common problem: how to go about cleaning dentures. After all, dentures need cleaning as much as true teeth do, and for many of the same reasons. The prevention of bad breath, healthy gum tissue, and good appearance all depend on having clean dentures.

In many ways, though, the process is simpler than cleaning teeth and far more thorough and complete! Any dentist will tell you, it is better to keep your original teeth. This is true…however small blessings can be found even in tooth loss. Dentures can be removed daily, cleaned completely, sanitized and cleaned of stains to a degree that is difficult with original teeth.

After each meal dentures should be removed, rinsed, soaked, and brushed before being replaced in the mouth. At the end of the day dentures should again be cleaned, and then placed to soak overnight in a solution designed to kill bacteria and remove stains: a wide range of denture cleaning solutions are available as over the counter products.

In the morning an additional few minutes can be spent cleaning lingering stains and making sure no debris remains before rinsing thoroughly and replacing in the mouth.

High tech methods for thorough cleaning. There are sonic cleaning systems that blast food particles, plaque, and bacteria with sound. Used in conjunction with more common methods these systems can go a long way in promoting clean, comfortable dentures which look as good as they did the day the dentist handed them over.

If your dentures are metal free you can even clean and sterilize them using the microwave: there are procedures and solutions for cleaning dentures that let you zap the debris and bacteria right in your kitchen micro! Be sure to avoid putting in partial dentures or dentures augmented with metal reinforcements, however, just as you would avoid placing metal implements in when cooking food. You and your dentures will both be happier without arcing and burning from the microwave.

Once you are done cleaning they should be rinsed, inspected for any damage they may have taken over the past day, and then installed.

You can walk out with bright, clean, hygienic dentures and a big, bright smile to show the world.

It’s not enough to make up for tooth loss, but it is plenty to smile about. Just remember cleaning dentures regularly after each meal. It’s a great way to ensure a healthy mouth and throat, fresh breath, and a lovely smile.