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Human beings have been searching for reliable and effective bad breath cures. for many centuries. Certainly in modern times, enough advertisement has been built around fear of bad breath. Here are some guidelines to help keep your breath fresh.

Whether advertisers are pushing mouth wash, tooth paste, or a range of breath mints and sprays, the point is to sell people bad breath cures. And no wonder! It really only takes a close encounter with someone who has halitosis to know you do not want to suffer from the same problem.

But finding the best solutions depends on knowing why you have the problem. There is a wide range of causes, and they must be approached differently.

It is not even accurate to say that all bad breath is caused by bacteria — some forms are based on deep underlying metabolic problems, and must be addressed at the level of systemic repair that cannot be met by standard over the counter bad breath cures.

Most bad breath, however, comes from a limited number of causes. Bacteria growing in the mouth, between the teeth, and on the tongue and throat are the the likely cause. Bad breath of this sort can be dealt with through good and thorough hygiene.

Teeth should be brushed regularly, complete with flossing. Your tongue should be cleaned (there are tongue scrapers you can purchase for just this use), and your tongue, mouth, and throat can be rinsed with an antibacterial solution. Many mouthwashes serve this purpose well.

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Sometimes the folds of the throat can accumulate dead white cells, dead skin, and food debris. In this case the cause of bad breath may not be obvious, but bacteria and decaying debris remain in the dense accumulations, called tonsil stones. These can usually be removed by hand — ask your doctor or dentist for advice.

*** Bad Breath Cures ***Vigorous gargling can also help remove them, and can reduce the rate of formation, serving as a great barrier. If you have any doubt whether you are forming tonsil stones ask your dentist or doctor to look.


Once the bacteria have been addressed there are other issues that can contribute to bad breath. Chemicals in the food you eat are obvious: everyone knows to look out for garlic and onions. Strong spices and fish, and other foods can create strong breath.

The best bad breath remedies. for this is again, hygiene, combined with counteracting agents. Some products include elements that actually neutralize particular odors.

Digestive problems can cause bad breath. In this case the approach must be one of dietary change and balance.

Sulphurous fumes coming up your throat are no less horrible to others than they are to you. Your chosen cures will be enhanced by shifting to a diet that provides sufficient fibre and reduces starches and sugars for intestinal bacteria to feed on. Good oral health is a strong indicator of overall health and well-being.

(Bad breath symptoms, left untreated will lead to more visits to the dentist).

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