The Cost of Braces and
Other Considerations

In a lot of cases the cost of braces is outweighed by the benefits. If you are concerned about how much you might have to pay, here is a brief overview of the subject. They might be more affordable than you think.

Prices vary according to where you live. In wealthier areas, the prices are higher. According to the Invisalign Company, the nationwide average for a set of their clear plastic straighteners is $5000.

For traditional metal orthodontics, you can expect to pay between $5400 and $7600. The price difference is due to the location as mentioned above.

The plastic straighteners are lower in price. They start at $3500 per set. The disadvantage is that they take longer to work and need to be replaced often. The advantages are that the appearance is nicer and they may be more comfortable.

Your health insurance or dental plan may cover orthodontic work for your children as long as they are under the age of 18. Most plans do not cover orthodontics for adults. But, you could use a flex-care plan to pay for them if you have one.

Financing is available from some orthodontists. There is also the option of using a specialized credit card created for the purpose of healthcare, cosmetic surgery and other services not normally covered by insurance plans.

Interest charged and financing fees vary. So, it is important to do a little comparative shopping if you need a payment plan.

In addition to the cost of braces, your kids might want you to pay for decorative options. Colored brackets, hearts, flowers and footballs are all available. The decorations might add as much as $300 to the total cost.

Some orthodontists offer discounts or participate in discount dental plans. If you have a dental plan, check with your provider to get a list of participating offices.

The cost of braces is not the only thing to consider. There will be charges for office visits and follow-ups. If you need a retainer, find out how much it costs to replace one that is lost or broken. You may be able to get insurance through the office that covers those kinds of things.

If you can choose any provider that you like, call around to find out about charges. There is sometimes a dramatic difference between the fees charged by providers in the same city.

The benefits outweigh the cost, because a misaligned bite can cause pain and health problems in the future. The problem will not correct itself.