Dental Implant Prices and Affordable Dentures

Factors Affecting Denture Implant Prices

There are several factors that affect dental implant prices. One factor is where you live.Like other healthcare providers, dentists and orthodontists are affected by the cost of living. In places where office rentals are high, the cost of dentures and other dental services will be higher.

If you happen to live in an area where the cost of living is low and rent is cheap, you may pay as little as $1000 for a complete set. That’s assuming you need a complete set.

You might only need an upper or a lower arch, which means you could pay as little as $500. Office visit and fitting fees will be added to the cost. Your dental insurance may cover a substantial portion of those costs.

$5000 for a complete set is the upper end of the scale. You might have to pay that much if you live in New York City, Los Angeles, White Plains, San Francisco or Honolulu. Those are a few of the most expensive cities to live in according to surveys.

The kind of dentures that you need or want will also affect the price you pay. You can be fit with a complete set if all of your teeth have been removed and healing is complete.

Immediate dental implant prices are higher, because they are fit immediately following the removal of your teeth and usually require numerous adjustments. The costs are related to the number of visits needed. In some cases, a whole new set is needed after bone and tissue stabilize.

Partial dentures are designed for people that are missing only a few of their teeth. They attach to your natural teeth with metal anchors. The cost depends on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the number of office visits needed for adjustments.

Over denture prices are higher. They are similar to conventional dentures in design, similar to partials in that some natural teeth may still be present. No metal anchors are used. Gaps are left in the plate to allow for natural teeth to come through. The teeth provide some extra support.

Another cost that may be a worthwhile investment has to do with keeping lower dentures in place. They tend to move up and down or slide around. Tiny stainless steel posts can be inserted into the gum. The lower dentures snap onto the steel posts and that holds them in place. The anchors cost extra, but can greatly improve comfort.

Another factor that affects dental implant prices is the provider. Office visits and adjustment fees can vary from one dentist to another. So it’s always a good idea to shop around.

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