Dental Insurance Plans

Finding the right dental insurance plans can save you a lot of money. Families simply cannot afford to do without this kind of health insurance. The plans vary greatly in terms of features and benefits. Here, you can learn about what some plans have to offer.


Discount plans offer 10-60% off of specific services. The higher discounts apply to the more expensive services. Not all dentists participate in the programs. So it is important to choose a program accepted by dentists in your neighborhood.

Free Check-ups

Some plans include free regular checkups, because preventative maintenance is important. X-rays may also be included as part of the free checkups. Office visits and check-ups usually cost $50-$100 or more. So the program could pay for itself with just one or two visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Some programs reduce the cost of cosmetic dentistry by as much as 80%. Things that fall under the heading of cosmetic dentistry include braces, whitening, veneers and caps. Most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic dentistry, even though poorly aligned teeth can affect a person’s overall health. Companies offering cosmetic dentistry plans understand the need for this kind of coverage.


Prepaid dental insurance plans are sometimes referred to as a dental HMO. If you choose this kind of program, you will need to choose a dentist or a facility that participates in the program. If you visit a dentist outside of the “network”, you will be responsible for the entire bill. But as long as you visit the dentist you selected when you signed up for the program, you will pay a fixed dollar amount or a “co-payment” for services that you need.

Standard Insurance

Also referred to as “fee-for-service plans”, standard insurance often covers less or no more than discount dental insurance plans. Different plans are available, but usually you are required to meet a deductible before any services are covered and you have a maximum annual allowance for services.

Fees and Other Considerations

Program fees vary according to the number of people in your family. Where you live is another factor that affects the price. The plans are offered by a variety of providers and the fees vary from one provider to the next. Payment options include a low monthly payment, quarterly payments or a yearly premium.

Take the time to do a little comparative shopping before you sign up for a dental plan. But, don’t wait too long. Your teeth deserve the attention.