Electric Toothbrush Reviews and Making The Right Decisions

If you’re looking for electric toothbrush reviews, you’ve come to the right place. On this site you will learn everything you need to know about choosing the perfect brush and making all of the right decisions when it comes to your dental needs.

The majority of electric toothbrush reviews are positive, although some customers have waged complaints concerning cost of use. However, recent studies conducted by the Cochrane Oral Health Group and the Journal of Dentistry indicate that the rotating powered toothbrushes are more effective for preventing gingivitis and removing plaque. So, if you haven’t bought one yet, you might want to consider it as an investment in your future dental health.

Here’s what to consider when you go shopping timers.

Dentists recommend that we brush for a minimum of 2 minutes, at least twice a day. One of the reasons that battery-powered brushes may be more effective is that people tend to use them for longer periods of time. But, how can you tell when times up, unless you keep an egg timer in the bathroom?

Brands like Sonicare and Braun come with built in timers that beep when the two minutes are up and they emit a signal every thirty seconds to let you know that it is time to change to a different section of your mouth. What could be easier than that?

Rechargeable Batteries

One of the few complaints that you will see in electric toothbrushes is the cost of replacing batteries and the relatively short lifespan of some varieties. The Colgate Motion, for example, is inexpensive to purchase, costing less than $10 retail, but it uses disposable AA batteries. On the average, the batteries will last only a couple of months.

A brand like Sonicare or Oral-B Triumph will cost around $100 initially, but the batteries are rechargeable. So, they could cost less to use in the long run. The brushes will typically hold a charge for a week. So, you don’t have to take the base unit with you on vacation.

Cost of Replacement Brushes

As a whole, the manufacturers and most dentists recommend that you replace the heads at least every two months. That’s another objection seen in some electric toothbrush reviews, because of the cost.

Depending on the brand that you decide to buy, the whole family could use the same handle, as long as everyone has their own brushes. That would cut back on your initial costs. It’s still a good idea to find out how much the brushing heads cost and make sure they are available at local stores.

Weight, Size and Ease of Use

Most brands are relatively lightweight, small in size and easy to use. Opinions in electric toothbrush reviews vary, but most people seem to prefer a brush that is smaller, rather than larger in size. So, look for a small one.

These are just some of the considerations when it comes to purchasing an electric toothbrush. We invite you to take a look around the site for more information. Remember, taking care of your teeth is as important as taking care of your general health.

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