The Advantages of an Ultrasonex Toothbrush

The Ultrasonex toothbrush is one of the best electronic toothbrushes available today. Electric toothbrushes have several advantages over the manual type. This article looks at those advantages.

Proper Cleaning Technique

Properly cleaning your teeth is the easiest way to maintain dental hygiene and prevent gum disease. Many people fail to use the proper brushing technique when they use manual toothbrushes. Maintaining the recommended 45 degree angle, for example, is difficult. Well-designed electronic brushes ensure that the correct brush-to-tooth angle is maintained and the most effective brushing technique is used.

Timed Brushing

Children and adults fail to brush for as long as they should. Dentists recommend that you spend at least two to three minutes brushing after every meal or snack. It is also important that all portions of the teeth are cleaned in that period of time.

The Ultrasonex toothbrush and some of the other brands have a phasing timer that reminds you to change position every 30 seconds, so that all areas of the teeth are covered. The total time spent brushing is two minutes. Basically, it takes the guesswork out of brushing your teeth.

Stain Removal

The action of many electronic toothbrushes is faster than what you could accomplish with a manual toothbrush. Some models have rotating as well as oscillating bristles. The design is patterned after tools used by dentists and is particularly helpful for removing stains from coffee, tea or tobacco. In one study, the technology was shown to make teeth two shades lighter in a matter of weeks.

More Effective

Because electronic brushes ensure that people clean their teeth using the appropriate technique and for an appropriate length of time, they are more effective than manual models. Additionally, studies indicate that the combined effect of oscillation and rotation provides more effective cleaning than could be accomplished with a standard brush, even if the proper technique is used.

The Ultrasonex brush and some other models make cleaning back teeth easier. Many people focus on the front teeth, paying little attention to those in the back. As a result, more cavities occur in the back teeth.

Cost Effective

Although electronic brushes cost more than manual models, there may be savings in the long-run, because of fewer visits to the dentist. Using the brushes has been shown in some studies to help shrink the periodontal pockets accompanying gum disease. This is also a cost savings, as gum disease can lead to extensive dental visits.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the main benefits of the Ultrasonex Toothbrush. When it is easy to use, people are more likely to brush.