Gold Teeth Can Be More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Gold teeth have become something of a trademark in the world of hip-hop. Almost every rapper has some sort of “grill” or gold bridge attached to his teeth. In the case of these musicians, it’s usually just a way of advertising one’s wealth, but there are also practical applications for gold in the dental world.

A gold tooth was actually a pretty commonplace feature as far back as ancient Egypt. In those times, gold was used because it was easily manipulated, making it easier to work with than some other substances. The use of gold continued over the years as dentists valued it for its durability as well as its malleability.

Gold Grillz

Today, outside of the aforementioned rappers, gold teeth are not quite as common. This is mainly because most people opt for the use of porcelain or other white substances that more closely mimic the natural color of the surrounding teeth, making the false teeth less noticeable. It is also far less costly to use some of these other substances than pure gold, which is pricey.

There are still practical uses for gold in the dental world, however, among them dental implants and crowns. Implants are individual false teeth attached directly to the jaw structure.

Less expensive and invasive than full dentures, implants provide an alternative for individuals who want to try and retain the remaining healthy teeth while replacing the bad ones.

Gold Dental Crowns

Crowns are coverings that fit over a damaged tooth, when a simple filling cannot be practically applied. In most cases, when you see a gold tooth in someone’s mouth it is likely a crown as that is the easiest and least expensive way to use gold on the teeth. Crowns can be permanent or they can be removable, if applied solely for the sake of appearance.

Often individuals will have gold crowns made as a fashion statement. It is considered a way of expressing one’s personal monetary worth. In some cases, crowns are adorned with diamonds or other jewels for an even more unique look.

If there are times when having a gold crown would be considered inappropriate, such as in a formal or work setting, the crown can be slipped off if it is not permanently set.

While not as common, entire sets of gold teeth can also be fashioned. This isn’t done frequently as the cost of gold prohibits it for most individuals. For those glitz and glamour-loving hip-hop stars, though, gold false teeth or “grillz” are the ultimate status symbol.

Whether making a fashion statement or opting for the dependability of teeth that won’t easily wear out, gold can be a good choice.

Talk to your dentist about the availability of gold and the feasibility of using it for your dental work. You can look good and feel good about your teeth with a little touch of gold.